Paper Shredding Services and Service Areas

Alligator Shredding and Recycling is pleased to offer the following services:

  • On-site Mobile Shredding
  • Off-site Paper Shredding
  • Paper Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Free haulaway

We proudly service the following areas:

Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Brevard, Osceola, Lake, and Sumter County

dumpster1 Paper Shredding Services <span>and Service Areas</span>This image was taken at a dumpster in Orlando near Orange Avenue and Sand Lake Road. The medical office these records came from closed and when the payments to the storage company stopped, the unit was auctioned. The new owner discarded the records into a dumpster that was not theirs. After a few phone calls the owner of this dumpster contacted the physician and we were called in to clear out the dumpster, but not before it made it to the six o’clock news.

We can provide you with a document retention guideline. Storing records longer than legally necessary exposes your company to greater security risks and expenses. We can shred your documents securely at your location or ours.

Mobile Shredding and Document Destruction – It’s All About Security

We understand security concerns about document destruction. Many customers want to witness the document shredding process to ensure that their confidential data is completely destroyed.

In fact, our mobile shredding equipment can tear through binders and hanging files filled with paper in seconds. You’re welcome to watch the mobile shredding equipment work and witness complete document destruction.

See what kinds of materials we can shred and how the knives cut through the material. The cut paper is random (cross cut shredding) not a strip shredder.
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Off-site Shredding and Document Destruction – Lower Costs for Volume Jobs

boxes Paper Shredding Services <span>and Service Areas</span>

For times when cost is the deciding factor, we offer a secure off site shredding alternative. We are able to shred volumes of boxes at a reduced cost to our customers. We will even reduce the costs to pennies on the dollar if you can transport the material to our secured facility.

vecoplan Paper Shredding Services <span>and Service Areas</span>

Our warehouse’s industrial shredder is capable of destroying large quantities of paper in a very short amount of time.

Since it runs on electricity rather than diesel fuel we are able to pass a significant amount of savings onto our customers.

For high security shred jobs we are able to adjust the particle size using smaller discharge screens.
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Recycling Paper and Cardboard

waste paper Paper Shredding Services <span>and Service Areas</span>

All of the paper and cardboard we receive is recycled at our facility.

Every month we bale hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper and cardboard that gets sent to the mills to be returned as new products.
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shredded paper Paper Shredding Services <span>and Service Areas</span>

If your company creates waste paper and does not need to shred it call us and we will remove it for free.

We can supply you with a roll off dumpster  to remove your waste cardboard and have it recycled.